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Offering payroll deduction services to your employees for regular savings deposits and for loan repayment is an optional part of being an employer/sponsor. Do you currently have payroll deduction going to another financial institution?
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If Yes, to whom?
Would you like to offer Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit?
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If you checked Yes above, you must have the ability to transmit your deductions via ACH origination. (Most payroll companies offer this service.)
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The relationship between First Entertainment and the Select Employee Group starts with the company contact and this relationship is a two-way street. We ask that there be a commitment to providing support. First Entertainment requests that new Select Employee Groups make time available for a short, one-time, 30-minute employee orientation. The orientation is a concise presentation on credit union services, and includes a question and answer session. Realizing that your company's business comes first, First Entertainment is willing to schedule your orientation at a time most convenient for you.
Once approved are you willing to schedule an employee orientation within the next 30 days?
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If no, please explain why.
Would you be willing to allow the credit union to use your company mail distribution system and/or payroll envelopes to distribute marketing materials for credit union services on an occasional basis?
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First Entertainment includes a section on our website of all our Select Employee Groups. Do you have a website?
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