First Entertainment Credit Union

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

  • Please Complete the following form ONLY after your First Entertainment account has been opened.
  • All Deposits are per-paycheck.
  • If you are changing an existing payroll deposit, you need to indicate not only the new deposit amount, but also any previous deposits you want to remain the same. Please indicate dollar amounts, not percentage.
  • For Example: You currently have a $50 deposit to your savings account and you now wish to add a $75 deposit to checking. You must include both deposit amounts on your new entry otherwise your savings deposit will be stopped.
  • (For Media Services please enter a specific dollar amount. If you would like to setup NET Payroll deposit, please contact your company directly)

Please Check One: New Change Delete

Member Information:
Member Name
Email Address
Account Number
Social Security Number
Employed By
Employee Type Corporate Employee
Production Employee
Name of Production
Daytime Phone Number
Deduction Information:
Deduct for Savings $
Deduct for Checking $
Deduct for Other $
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Old Deduction Amount $

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